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FollyFoam, our foam your creation!

What is FollyFoam?

Foam from FollyFoam is a polyethylene product. Our foam is flexible, sturdy, lightweight, colourfast, can withstand rain and impact. The foam is ideal for making the most beautiful creations!

  • The foam is easy to cut with a knife or scissors
  • The best way to work with our foam is with a paint burner (450 degrees)
  • The foam can be molded in different shapes and glued effectively by heating
  • The 7mm foam is perfect for making wigs, hats and costumes. The thin foam and glitter foam are ideal for decoration and finishing

    Apply a flame retardant spray

FollyFoam: you can go your own way!

Who are we?

After travelling the world, Ruud and Hanneke decided to go for a new adventure: FollyFoam!

FollyFoam is a mix of both our characters: flexibly entrepreneurial, reliably challenging, high in quality and uniquely inventive. All with a good sense of humour! On Thursday 20 November 2014, we left the Chamber of Commerce with our business registration.


What can you do with foam?

FollyFoam is foam of high quality, so perfect for editing. It is available in many bright colours, foam is a great material to express your (weird) creativity. Hence the 'folly' in our name.

The folly noun: stupid and silly behaviour; foolishness; silliness; craziness; nonsense; idiocy; foolhardiness; lack of common sense

In short, if you want to create one of your folly ideas: we provide the foam! Will you join us on our jolly new folly adventure?

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