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Our latest product

Foam from FollyFoam is 7 mm (0.28in) thick as standard. The thin foam is 3 mm (0.12in).
The width of the foam is 95 cm (37.4in). Minimum order is 2 linear meters per product.

Foam Crown P014_28_31

€ 12,40
Colour crown
Colour 8 loose points


Foam crown, including 8 extra points.
Width 64cm (25.2in), height 50cm (19.7in), thickness 7mm (0.28in)

This is a pre-cut foam crown that is easy to assemble. Using the blow drying technique, you attach the loose points inside the crown to create extra volume. Now use your creativity to shape and pimp your foam crown!

For advice see our Instruction video