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FollyFoam, our foam your creation!

What is FollyFoam?

Foam from FollyFoam is a polyethylene product. Our foam is flexible, sturdy, lightweight, colourfast, can withstand rain and impact. The foam is ideal for making the most beautiful creations!

  • The foam is easy to cut with a knife or scissors
  • The best way to work with our foam is with a paint burner (450 degrees)
  • The foam can be molded in different shapes and glued effectively by heating
  • The 7mm foam is perfect for making wigs, hats and costumes. The thin foam and glitter foam are ideal for decoration and finishing

    Apply a flame retardant spray

You can cut your foam using scissors or cutting knife but did you know that;
FollyFoam has a great cutting machine that can do all your cutting for you!

We cut

  • Almost any shape you can think of
  • Using computerised technology, guaranteeing you a high quality with perfect cutting lines
  • Big volumes at a fast rate

So if you need letters, figures, numbers, logos, costumes, shapes, crowns, patterns or anything else you can think of, please ask us to;

make you an offer!

We have a big database with available shapes; if you choose a shape outside of our database, we´ll need to make a cutting file for which we will charge €50 per hour.


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