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FollyFoam, our foam your creation!

Foam strips from FollyFoam are 7 mm (0.28in) thick and 95 cm (37.4in) long.
You can choose for a package of foam strips 1 cm (0.39in), 2 cm (0.79in), 3 cm (1.18in) 0r 5 cm (1,97in) wide.
The 1cm bundle of strips are attached to each other at the end. Ideal for creating your wig!


€ 14,05 package


orange & pink

Our duo (orange & pink) foam strips are ideal to make your own foamwig or other foam creations. Great for carnival, cosplay, theatre shows, flower parades, parades, performances, drag shows, theme parties, etc.

Foam strips from FollyFoam are flexible, tough, pliable, lightweight, colorfast and can withstand rain. By heating the foam with a heating device (paint stripper) you can stick and curl perfectly or bent into various forms.

Our advice: treat the foam with a flame retardant.

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